Upcoming Events at The Lodge of Townsend

    The Lodge of Townsend was created to provide our community with a place for everyone children, teens, adults, businesses, organiztions ... everyone to gather for fun, events or meetings.

    However, it is costly to provide all of these services. Please consider making a donation to The Lodge of Townsend.

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    Block Party at The Lodge

    This is where we would put the description of the Block Party.

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    An Example Blog Entry

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    COVID19 Is Reopening

    It was a VERY long 2 months under the COVID-19 Shutdowns and Stay-At-Home directives.

    It's time to get out and enjoy community events and have meetings in person!

    Schedule The Lodge for your next event or meeting.

    The Lodge of Townsend Website is now available

    The Lodge of Townsend Website is now available but is still under construction. Check back often.