STOKE and The Lodge of Townsend combine to bring Snapology to Townsend

   STOKE (Science, Technology, Outdoors, Knowledge, Entrepeneurship) and The Lodge of Townsend have combined to bring Snapology to Townsend.

"At Snapology we believe that children are meant to learn through play. When children are engaged in interactive, hands-on learning activities, their creativity flourishes and they show an increased interest in school.  We help your child grow up with a thirst for knowledge. How do we do it? Snapology engages children ages 2-14 using LEGO® bricks, K’Nex and technology. While the kids are having fun with familiar toys, laptops and iPads, we sneak in the learning. Shh, don't tell them it's educational!".

To Learn more about Snapology click here "What is Snapology"?.

On Tuesdays starting November 2nd, there will be a Snapology program "Amusement Park Engineering" for kids 3rd grade to 5th grade. The program will run until January 11, 2022.

On Thursdays starting November 4th, there will be a Snapology program "Combat Robots" for 6th through 8th grade that will run until December 16, 2022.

For more information contact STOKE president Jim Domino at 406-459-9618 or email him at


Upcoming Events at The Lodge of Townsend

  • 12-10-2021 County Christmas Party
  • 01-13-2022 Rancher Roundtable LUncheon

The Lodge of Townsend was created to provide our community with a place for everyone children, teens, adults, businesses, organiztions ... everyone to gather for fun, events or meetings.

However, it is costly to provide all of these services. Please consider making a donation to The Lodge of Townsend.

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Broadwater Theater Group presents "I Am Whispering At the Top of my Voice"

Play director Gabby Bakkum continues to roll out Broadwater Community Theater’s summer plays.  Beginning today and Saturday, July 24 Bakkum will present “I Am Whispering at the Top of My Voice,” at 7:00pm at the Lodge, 131 So. Cedar.

Broadwater Community Theater presents: "All Rights Reserved"

Broadwater Community Theater Hosts Second Play: "ALL Rights Reserved"

After a complete sell out of seats at the play last Friday, Broadwater Community Theater is ready to present it’s second play, “All Rights Reserved,” featuring local actors Denise Bakkum, Melinda Easter, Gabby Bakkum and Daimon Marcum. 

Bloody Murder at The Lodge

The Broadwater Theater Group presentation of "Bloody Murder" was a complete sell-out for the the 2 night run!


Broadwater Community Theater Opens Summer Season

We’re back!  And it is “Bloody Murder” at the Lodge in Townsend on Friday, July 02 and 03rd at 7p.m. each night.  Director Gabby Bakkum has concocted a thriller of a play with six local actors who will scare you, tickle you and transport you past any local drama you may be involved in!

Community Theater is Back at The Lodge of Townsend

After a long year and a half of restrictions and worries, we are excited to announce that there will be a lot of activity at the Lodge this summer.  Gabby Bakken has taken it on to run a SUMMER THEATRE program along with several CAMPS.  Come and be entertained!

Gabby Bakkum directing at The Lodge of Townsend

Hello! My name is Gabby Bakkum, and I am really excited to direct a variety of fun and entertaining plays this Summer! I graduated from Broadwater High School in 2018, after competing in Speech and Drama for 4 years, as well as participating in the Drama Club.

Lenna Parr Teaches Yoga Classes at The Lodge of Townsend

Lenna has been a yoga practitioner for over 20 years. She is a 200+ hour trained instructor, children’s yoga instructor, group fitness instructor and Gyrotonic teacher. Lenna uses her background as a professional dancer and a perpetual love of movement to fuel her classes.

Traci Maughan teaches High Fitness at The Lodge of Townsend

Traci Maughan is a AFAA certified Group Exercise Instructor and ACE certified Health Coach. She has taught a variety of formats, but currently loves HIGH Fitness aerobics. 

Sophie Mathis Mural - Day One

Sophie Mathis, muralist from Missoula, made terrific progress on her first day of painting the Mural on the South wall of the Townsend City Shop.

Stop by the City Shop (adjacent to The Lodge) to see the progress on the Mural and to see Sophie creating the Mural!