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Broadwater Theater Group presents "I Am Whispering At the Top of my Voice"

Play director Gabby Bakkum continues to roll out Broadwater Community Theater’s summer plays.  Beginning today and Saturday, July 24 Bakkum will present “I Am Whispering at the Top of My Voice,” at 7:00pm at the Lodge, 131 So. Cedar.

Broadwater Community Theater presents: "All Rights Reserved"

Broadwater Community Theater Hosts Second Play: "ALL Rights Reserved"

After a complete sell out of seats at the play last Friday, Broadwater Community Theater is ready to present it’s second play, “All Rights Reserved,” featuring local actors Denise Bakkum, Melinda Easter, Gabby Bakkum and Daimon Marcum. 

Broadwater Community Theater Opens Summer Season

We’re back!  And it is “Bloody Murder” at the Lodge in Townsend on Friday, July 02 and 03rd at 7p.m. each night.  Director Gabby Bakkum has concocted a thriller of a play with six local actors who will scare you, tickle you and transport you past any local drama you may be involved in!

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