Broadwater Community Theater presents: "All Rights Reserved"

Broadwater Community Theater Hosts Second Play: "ALL Rights Reserved"

After a complete sell out of seats at the play last Friday, Broadwater Community Theater is ready to present it’s second play, “All Rights Reserved,” featuring local actors Denise Bakkum, Melinda Easter, Gabby Bakkum and Daimon Marcum. 

The Play, which is about a Pharmaceutical Company creating a wonder drug and desperately trying to give it a name and a commercial before their deadline, was written by N.C.Hunter, begins at 7:00pm Friday, July 9 and will show again Saturday, July 10 at The Lodge, 131 So. Cedar.  The hall is air conditioned.    All seats are $10.   And are available at the MSU Extension Office, 416 Broadway or by calling 465-4016.  Come early: doors are closed at 7:00pm sharp.

The fledgling theater group began in 2019 by theater buffs LaRinda Spencer, Jeannie Steele, Julie Diehl, Pat Plantenberg, Tina Homann and Ruby Hohn.  This summer the visiting play director is Gabby Bakkum, a sophomore at Oregon State University.    It is is underwritten by the Fun For Life Program, a nonprofit which offers scholarships for K-8Th grade students in music, theater, art and foreign language.

The proud sponsor of “All Rights Reserved,” the play is Bill Kearns who has maintained a special interest in theater in Broadwater County.  Mr. Kearns also sponsors the locally presentations of Missoula Children’s Theater, Shakespeare in the Park and the Rotary Variety Show.