What Is Happening At The Lodge

Upcoming Events at The Lodge of Townsend

    The Lodge of Townsend was created to provide our community with a place for everyone children, teens, adults, businesses, organiztions ... everyone to gather for fun, events or meetings.

    However, it is costly to provide all of these services. Please consider making a donation to The Lodge of Townsend.

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    Work Begins on the Mural Project

    The prep work for the Mural Project sponsored by The Lodge of Townsend has begun.  Volunteers power washed the City Of Townsend Shop south wall (adjacent to The Lodge).  The volunteers in these pictures are priming the wall prior to Sophie Mathis beginning her Mural Painting.

    Introducing Sophie Mathis - Muralist

    Main information: Sophia Mathis was born in Bozeman, Montana in 2001, April 24th. Moved to Missoula Montana at two years old when her mother found a new job opportunity at Saint Patrick Hospital. Sophia Graduated from Big Sky High school in 2019, and is now attending the University of Montana studying Psychology in hope to become a Psychiatrist.

    Mural Artist Selected

    The Lodge of Townsend is proud to announce that Sophie Mathis (from Missoula) has been selected as the artist to create a mural on the City of Townsend shop next to the The Lodge building.

    Sophie has ties to Townsend: her grandmother Bonnie is from Townsend and her great grandfather helped to build The Lodge building.

    The Lodge of Townsend announces a mural contest to beautify Townsend.


    The Lodge of Townsend would like to invite all local artists to submit a sketch proposal for a mural to be placed on the south side of the city shop directly adjacent to The Lodge on 131 S. Spruce.

    COVID19 Is Reopening

    It was a VERY long 2 months under the COVID-19 Shutdowns and Stay-At-Home directives.

    It's time to get out and enjoy community events and have meetings in person!

    Schedule The Lodge for your next event or meeting.