Broadwater Community Theater Cancels Performances August 20-21


The Broadwater Community Theater summer season has completed.  Please check back often for a new season of community theater!



Play director Gabby Bakkum continues to roll out Broadwater Community Theater’s summer plays.  Beginning today and Saturday, July 24 Bakkum will present “I Am Whispering at the Top of My Voice,” at 7:00pm at the Lodge, 131 So. Cedar.

                The play, written by Jon Jory, tells of several characters, one of whom is a young woman who is given a warehouse full of money by a genie.  Others include a cheerleader who cheers for her mother while the mom hooks rugs and an activitist who dresses up as the Statue of Liberty to bring world peace.  Nothing in this delightful evening is exactly as it seems as laughs and tears abound.

                The play “Brothers Grimm Spectaculon” has been moved back to Saturday July 31 and August 1 @3:00pm due to conflicting schedules for the actors, according to director Bakkum.  BCT regrets any inconvenience that may cause. 

                Tickets for the both plays are available at the MSU Extension Service at the old Opportunity Bank building on Broadway in Townsend or by calling 475-4016.

                Summer Season Sponsors are Bill Kearns and Canyon Ferry Mercantile and Ice Cream, Townsend Drug and Spirits, J.L Wright and Goose Bay Glass.

                Broadwater Community Theater is underwritten by the Fun For Life Program, a nonprofit organization which gives scholarships to Townsend Elementary students in art, theater, music and foreign language. 



Community Theater Schedule - 2021

Gabby Bakkum - Director


July 2-3: "Bloody Murder"

July 9-10:    "All Rights Reserved"

July 16-17:   "Our Town"


July 23-24:  "Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon"


July 31 and August 1:  "I Am Whispering At The Top Of My Voice" @ 3:00pm


August 13-14: TBD